Organic white Chocolate 38 % - 125 g

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100 g = 1.96 €

100 g = 1.96 €

The cocoa used for this chocolate comes from the Cuzco area. Several families, who grow these cocoa, work together in a cooperative. The cooperatives organize the harvest of cocoa and are responsible for it's fermentation and drying.

The raw materials are of sustainable organic cultivation and are fairly traded. Therefore our manufacturer supports projects that pursue sustainable farming and sustainable business. He is committed to ensuring that the cocoa farmers are paid appropriately.

The chocolate neither contains lecithin nor tasty supporting flavors; but cocoa solids, whole milk powder and raw cane sugar. The natural taste will impress you.

Cocoa content min. 38.0%
Milk content: 21.0%

Ingredients: Raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, WHOLE MILK POWDER* ( 21%). *Of controlled biological cultivation. May contain traces of soy components.

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