Manuel Caffè

Manuel Caffè

It all started with Giuseppe De Giusti, the enfant prodige of our story. In the Fifties he started work at a company in Conegliano Veneto. Roasting soon became more of a passion than a job for Giuseppe and, surrounded by their fragrance, he could recognise perfectly roasted beans just by looking at their colour. In the meantime he married, the years passed and he felt the need to do more with this skill of his. Together with Bruna, his wife, he opened an artisan roasting business. The name was: Manuel Caffè. They specialised and supplied only the best products to bars and coffee shops. They were attentive both to the essence and the appearance of what they did, producing not only masterpiece blends, but also three children: Emanuela, Mauro and Cristina. This new generation inherited their parents’ love for coffee and an intelligent flair for the communication and development of ideas, starting a new chapter in the story. The whole business thrived thanks to the input of studies by Emanuela, Mauro and Cristina and the freshness of their creative talent. Bringing us to Manuel Caffè today. A business that is both flavoursome and traditional. Calm and boiling. Like a cup of coffee.

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Manuel Caffè Sublime coffee beans - 1 kg

Product no.: M001

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Manuel Caffe Aroma Bar coffee beans - 1 kg

Product no.: M002

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Manuel Caffe Solaroma coffee beans - 1 kg

Product no.: M003

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Manuel Caffe Aroma Piu coffee beans - 1 kg

Product no.: M004

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